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Awê Brew

Somerset West

Where every cup is a story, every sip a smile. Join us for coffee, community, and casual vibes.

Welcome to Awê Brew: Awê! Pronounced “ah-weh,” it’s not just a casual greeting, but a philosophy that defines our brand. We’re all about being casual yet professional, and downright “lekker.”

Found in the heart of the Western Cape, specifically the upper reaches of Somerset West, Awê Brew serves as more than just a coffee spot. We’re a hub for the community, catering to school-goers, their parents, dog walkers, and daily commuters alike. Each patron brings their own unique story, and we’re here to add a little flavour to their day with our love for coffee and people.

What sets us apart:

  • Premium 100% Arabica beans for rich, aromatic brews
  • Weekly roasting ensures freshness and flavour
  • Cozy community hub where everyone is welcome
  • South African-inspired ethos of warmth and hospitality
  • Casual yet professional atmosphere for your coffee fix or catch-ups with friends

At Awê Brew, every cup tells a story, and every sip brings us closer to our community. So, whether you’re stopping by for your morning fix or simply to share a laugh with friends, know that you’re always welcome here, with an Awê and a smile.

079 774 8282

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