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San Heritage Centre Tours

The San Heritage Centre – !Khwa ttu – near Cape Town, is a museum and cultural center dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the San people. The center showcases traditional San art, artefacts, and cultural practices, as well as providing information on the history and challenges facing the San people today. The museum is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00, is wheelchair friendly and offers amazing, guided San Heritage Centre Tours.

Visitors to the San Heritage Centre can learn about the traditional San way of life, including their hunting and gathering practices, spiritual beliefs, and unique language. The center also provides opportunities for visitors to interact with members of the local San community and learn about their ongoing efforts to preserve their cultural heritage.

San History

The San people, also known as the Bushmen, are the indigenous people of Southern Africa. They are believed to be the first inhabitants of the region and have a rich history that dates back thousands of years. The San people are known for their unique language, cultural practices, and traditional hunting and gathering way of life.

The San people historically lived in the arid regions of Southern Africa, including parts of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Angola. They were nomadic hunter-gatherers, moving in small family groups to follow the seasonal availability of food and water.

The San people have faced numerous challenges throughout history, including displacement from their traditional lands, discrimination, and marginalization. Despite these challenges, many San communities have worked to preserve their cultural heritage and traditional way of life.

San Heritage Centre Tours

What To Do At The San Heritage Centre:

Visiting the Award Winning San Heritage Centre – !Khwa ttu:
Guided Tours by qualified tour guides (Bookings at Reception), to learn more about these fascinating hunter-gatherers.
Self-Guided Museum Tours – entry tickets and a self guide map can be bought on the day, at Reception.
!Khwa ttu Restaurant – explore the San food culture, offering freshly prepared, locally sourced food.
Shop – unique, rarely found, hand-crafted gifts.
Small Conferences & Corporate Team Building Packages – around a campfire or in the veld.
Trails for Hikers, Trail Runners and Bikers (bring your own bike). Sign up at Reception at a small cost.

Accommodation Inspired by Nature:

Beautifully designed Hilltop Huisies, Fynbos Cabins and a Bush House.
Fynbos Cabins – spacious, with private patio and hot tub, fully equipped kitchenette, solar powered energy, wifi connectivity, sleeps 2.
Hilltop Huisies – six cottages on a hill with open-plan designs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, offering privacy, kingsize beds, spacious bathrooms, fireplace, private patio with braai facilities, sleeps 2.
Bush House – well-equipped cottage with an indoor wood burner, covered veranda, outside braai, indoor-outdoor bathrooms, sleeps 4.
Bookings via email:

The San Heritage Centre near Cape Town provides an important space for education, awareness, and celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the San people of South Africa.

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