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Cape Winelands Airport Upgrades

The planned expansion of Cape Winelands Airport in Durbanville, Cape Town is expected to have a significant positive impact on the Cape Town area, boosting tourism, stimulating economic growth, and improving connectivity with the rest of the world. The start of construction is anticipated for 2025, and the upgraded airport is lined up to open for domestic and international flights in 2027. When construction is complete, the upgraded Cape Winelands Airport will be categorised as a Code F airport, which outlines the specifications for the facilities needed to accommodate the largest passenger aircraft, like the Airbus A380, during landing and take-off.

The Airport is situated just off the N1 motorway to the north-east of Durbanville, about 25 km away from Cape Town International Airport. Originally constructed in 1943, the airfield is 400 feet above sea level, keeping it out of the winter fog band, and the planned realigned 3.5 km runway can fit onto the 5 km span of Joostenbergvlakte.

Cape Winelands Airport
Cape Winelands Airport

Benefits of the Cape Winelands Airport Upgrades

The benefits of the upgraded Cape Winelands Airport for the Cape Town area include increased tourism, economic growth, and improved connectivity. With a larger and more modern airport, more airlines will be able to operate flights to and from the region, making it easier for both tourists and business travelers to visit Cape Town and the surrounding Winelands. The expansion of the airport will create job opportunities for local residents and stimulate economic development in the area. The increased number of flights and passengers passing through the airport will also have a positive impact on the local hospitality and tourism industries, bringing in more revenue for businesses in the region.

Why The Need for an Alternative Airport in Cape Town?

  • Enhanced airline capacity to handle the ever-increasing demand during peak periods.
  • More affordable and accesible for residents of the northern and eastern parts of the region.
  • Effective economic growth in the area, and a boost for job creation.
  • Moving General Aviation to Cape Winelands Airport will reduce airspace and runway congestion problems at Cape Town International Airport.
  • An alternate airport for diversion purposes in case of emergency or unavailability at other nearby airports.

The expansion plans for Cape Winelands Airport in Durbanville include the construction of a new terminal building, additional parking facilities, and upgrades to the runway and taxiways. These improvements will be made to accommodate the growing demand for air travel in the Cape Town area, and to attract more international flights to the region.

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